October 6, 2022


‘The Only Thing Standing Between YOU and Success IS YOURSELF’
We are great at giving advice to others. We consider ourselves masters of knowing what others should do and how they should do it. I read in a recent article -“The best way to succeed in this world is to act on the advice you give others” – Napoleon Hill.

However when it comes to our own life and making changes and setting goals, many struggle. Most people are Impatient. They chose rewards when setting goals instead of being genuinely motivated by the goal itself.
People want instant success and rewards, a quick dopamine hit. They make bad choices when setting goals based on status, fame or riches or trying to follow others. Looking for the fix, the high from social media,from our phones the high from unearned rewards. #power #people #socialmedia #work “I want it now mentality”. This can make us lazy and entitled and it can exaggerate our feelings of importance.

You have to care about the goals you set and the changes you wish to make in your life. You need to personalise it, to own it. Make it your own personal goal that you really want to achieve and be successful with.

Become deeply and genuinely energized and excited, work at it patiently and consistantly. Then you will overcome barriers and obstacles, becuase it matters to you personally and you want to succeed.

The real stuff, the big goals, the important changes that take time and effort, patience and perserverance. Your journey to get there will bring out your true talents and potential.

“Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve” – Wilfred Peterson American Author.
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Mairtin Og Mc Donagh

Accredited Life Coach with a Passion for Outdoor Adventure.
Helping busy People with their Work Life Balance

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