Tree Care & Maintenance

Noel Lane Tree Care can provide and organise a range of recognised tree care operations mainly as described below:

Pruning – Pruning is the most common arboriculture practice including crown reduction, crown raising, crown lowering and crown thinning.

Removal – Tree removal can be an extremely hazardous undertaking that requires specialized trained staff and equipment.

Stump Grinding/Removal – Usually, once a tree has been removed, the property owner will also want the stump ground out.

Chipping – Tree chipping is a common means of removing limbs and branches after they have been cut.

Fertilization – Although trees grow quite well in the forest without supplemental fertilization, urban and suburban soils may lack the vital nutrients that trees need. Fertilization is one of many plant health care practices.

Cable/Bracing – Sometimes it is possible to mitigate the risk of tree/branch failure by installing cables and/or braces to provide supplementary support.

Tree Value Estimates – In cases of significant loss, legal disputes, or simple assessments, an appraisal of a tree’s value is sometimes required.

Landscape Services – This might include landscape design or installation, landscape maintenance, lawn care, hedge trimming, irrigation installation, or other related services.

Pest Management – The key to avoiding pest problems on landscape trees and shrubs is to maintain a plant health care system. This involves proper selection and maintenance of plants, and monitoring of health and pest issues. Pest management also includes provision of the appropriate treatments for controlling pests.

Tree Planting – Good tree selection and how to properly plant a tree. It is important to consider the type of tree you plant in your garden, be it a large or small, rural or urban environment.

Tree Preservation Planning – There is very little that can be done to treat trees that have been damaged due to construction activities. This is why it is essential that measures are taken to protect the trees prior to development work.

Law and Litigation
In legal disputes over tree failures, personal injury and boundary disputes I can provide expert witness.

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