Public Education

Noel Lane will look at opportunities to educate the public about proper tree care practices

This might include presentations to garden clubs, tree planting projects for residential estates, property management companies or schools at all levels.
Tree Value Estimates

In cases of significant loss, legal disputes, or simple assessments, an appraisal of a tree’s value is sometimes required.
Tree Risk Assessment
Most mature trees pose a potential risk from failure. This risk can be assessed and measures recommended minimizing damage to public or property.
Landscape Services
This might include landscape design or installation, landscape maintenance, lawn care, hedge trimming, irrigation installation, or other related services.
Pest Management

The key to avoiding pest problems on landscape trees and shrubs is to maintain a plant health care system. This involves proper selection and maintenance of plants, and monitoring of health and pest issues. Pest management also includes provision of the appropriate treatments for controlling pests.
Tree Planting

Good tree selection and how to properly plant a tree. It is important to consider the type of tree you plant in your garden, be it a large or small, rural or urban environment.
Tree Preservation Planning
There is very little that can be done to treat trees that have been damaged due to construction activities. This is why it is essential that measures are taken to protect the trees prior to development work.
Law and Litigation

In legal disputes over tree failures, personal injury and boundary disputes I can provide expert witness

Other Areas include the following:

  • Forest Establishment and Management
  • Grants and Premia Applications and Payments
  • Felling Licence Applications
  • Timber Valuation and Marketing
  • Reafforestation
  • Tree Species Identification
  • Choosing the Right Tree for the Right Place
  • Questions & Answer Opportunities