April 20, 2021

Mr D. and Mr. S.

I would like to introduce you to a couple of aquaintances of mine.
I respectfully refer to them as Mr Doubt and Mr Suffer
They have been compatriots of mine now for many many years.
I named them over 20 years ago,when I was in full blown hardcore training in preperation to ride a push bike 3,000miles from Coast to Coast in the USA.In truth they have always accompanied me through my life.They appear regularly without invitation,in my training,my challenges and adventures,my business and personal life.
We have become GREAT FRIENDS!! They take it in turns as to which one appears first,sometimes Mr Suffer will appear and try to influence me and my actions and that is always followed by Mr Doubt,or the other way around.Self doubt is common to us all,it can be uncomfortable and unpleasent,it can be a humanising force,keeping us humble,vulnerable,open minded and connected to the world.We must not let our self doubt become compulsive,to shut us down,to imprison us and stop us from moving forward.When we doubt we begin to suffer and when we suffer we begin to doubt.
So when my friends appear on both my shoulders we always have a 3 way conversation.They try to influence me,i acknowledge their input assess and process it and go deep in to my own space and push on with what I think is the correct way for me.
THANK YOU MR DOUBT and MR SUFFER for your valuable contributions,

Mairtin Og Mc Donagh

Accredited Life Coach with a Passion for Outdoor Adventure.
Helping busy People with their Work Life Balance


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