October 18, 2022


LIFE: – CYCLING is a great metaphor for Life.
Keep your Balance, avoid the Bumps, control the Fear, take on the Challenges, and don’t forget or neglect Maintanance.
I’m just back after spending a week cycling on the beautiful island of Rhodes.Good roads with some challenging climbs, beautiful inland loops through forests and spectacular rolling coastline and breathtaking scenery.
Our group was made up of different ages and abilities. So it was decidied that the large group would be given two options. Cycle in a faster group doing slightly longer distances 100klms plus or a slower group doing about 20klms less with the option of changing groups at anytime which many did during the week.
A leisure group of cyclists (like our group) is made up of many different personalities with different agendas. Some like to go hard,take on the climbs and challenge themselves as much as possible,others like to coast along, do the kilometres, take in the views, enjoy the coffee stops,take photos and appreciate the sunshine and freedom of riding a bike in a different Country and being healthy and fit enough to do so.

For me it’s about finding a happy medium, challenge myself enough to gain benefits from the effort as I am always preparing for my next adventure (more to follow on this),but also not overdo it. I like to enjoy the experience, appreciate the location and make new friends and learn from their journeys in Life.Reconnect and catch up with old buddies. I value being in the moment and emersing myself in the situation and spiritually and emotionally feeling the benefits.

Riding a bike and the skills you can learn from doing so can be transferred to your everyday Life. Every challenge and each opportunity and every difficulity can be overcome. Train and prepare properly and respond to your changing environment.
Work on your Mindset. Nothing is Impossible.
Set your Goals, get your balance right,improve your skills and build your resilience,take care of yourself. Most importantly………………………
Don’t neglect your body and your mind.These are your tools that will accompany you all your Life.
Set yourself a nice steady pace,enjoy the ride and the scenery, keep a nice balance.Plan your goals work on your strenghts and weaknesess,don’t give in to fear,stick to your values and enjoy your journey.#experience #mindset #opportunity #coffee #cycling #changeyourlife #resilience #takecareofyourself #balance #mentalhealth #adventuretravel #liveyourbestlife

Mairtin Og Mc Donagh

Accredited Life Coach with a Passion for Outdoor Adventure.
Helping busy People with their Work Life Balance

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