When I lost everything in 2009/2010 I didn’t think I could survive, never mind continue to live in any meaningful manner.My whole Life was turned upside down on it’s head.My Bussiness’s were gone,my Marriage was in tatters and my friends had deserted me.The pain and turmoil was like being tortured continuously twenty hours a day(I was sleeping very little).I blamed & myself.I spirraled into a dark lonely place.I thought I’d never recover.
My ship had capsized in an unforgiving hurricane.
My Life had fallen into a million pieces.I was crying for help but nobody answered.My financial situation was a disaster. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.I was a mess.I blamed myself. I was ashamed.The darkness and the emptiness was begining to take a strangle hold on my mind.
Initially I felt sorry for myself and tried to comfort myself by hiding away from the world and just partially existing.I was hurting from so many wounds. The pain had become too great. I had enough.I wasn’t prepared to put up with it anymore. I went searching for answers.I got ‘ pissed’ with myself. Through Life Coaching and a Journey of Self Development I headed down a different path.A path of self discovery and reinvention.Everything had fallen apart. My business ventures, my relationships, my lifelong friends, my identity, my whole existence up until that moment. The path of new beginings of deep self discovery. A different MINDSET. I appreciated and acknowledged where I was and that I needed to seek a new way of being and a deeper understanding of myself.
I had to rebuild my life from scratch again. I realised I had more strengths and talents than I ever imagined. (so do you).
I go through the process in more detail in my best selling book-‘Mind Over Mountains’. Available at
Look at your own Life.You don’t have to lose everything before you start to make changes like me.What areas are you not happy with?What would you like to do differently.What challenges would you like to face and conquer?Get ‘ pissed’ with yourself & start your journey. #caoching #mindset #selfdevelopment #itsyourlife #goals #reachout

Mairtin Og Mc Donagh

Accredited Life Coach with a Passion for Outdoor Adventure.
Helping busy People with their Work Life Balance
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