May 5, 2022


What motivates you ? Are you always motivated ?

MOTIVATED – very enthusiastic or determined because you really want to do something – meaning in the Cambridge Dictionary. The same Dictionary describes MOTIVATION – as enthusiasm for doing something.

Many people are motivated generally in superficial and short term ways. A carrot and stick approach which may produce short term gains, but once the bribe or the threat is gone people’s commitment disappears. In my experience these techniques don’t work in the long term as they make people focus on the reward or punishment.

When stepping up to a challenge, a decision, a change in your life and you have to set some goals, take a look at the personal meaning it will have for yourself. This is your choice in how you progress and not based on some threat or reward. Own it and make your own choice and relish the benefit of being really effective in making your own decisions and meeting everyday challenges. The sense of growth and the amazing effect of flourishing will offset the negativity and laziness that tries to sidetrack you. You are now caring for yourself and by doing so you will feel empowered to do so for others if required.

You don’t need outside encouragement, that’s performing to outside motivation. Internalize your motivation, own it. Decide you want to achieve this goal for yourself and the positive reasons why you do. Develop and remember the reasons and your motivation becomes a constant companion. Once you operate with a high motivational outlook it will have a positive impact on your performance, maintain your energy, vitality and well being.


“MOTIVATION IS WHAT GETS YOU STARTED.                                                                HABIT IS WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING”

Mind Over Mountains.


Mairtin Og Mc Donagh

Accredited Life Coach with a Passion for Outdoor Adventure.
Helping busy People with their Work Life Balance

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