January 4, 2024


For 30+ years I was running two businesses in the construction industry, with hundreds of employees & subcontractors.

I had some top class clients & we were turning over millions.

Then the global financial crisis hit in ’08/’09 & my ship hit a virtual ICEBERG.

The DEVESTATION was collosal !

I eventually lost both my businesses & my personal life was in tatters.

I lost my family & friends & also my identity.

I blamed & hated myself in equal measure!

I tried to fix things.

I attempted to refloat the vessel. However I began to feel alone & helpless, nothing I did, or tried was working. I lost my confidence & will power.

My motivation was flickering. The pressure & stress was unrelenting.

I had to try something else.

To salvage something from the wreck that was now my life.

I went to a life coach.

This decision changed my life.

I had to accept where I was now. I started to appreciate myself & slow everything down & focus on what I had control over.

The things I could influence.

Initially, it was my thoughts, my emotions & my health & well-being.

Then I started to deal with other things that were within my control.

My recovery was slow & tedious & gradual.

I began to rebuild & eventually reinvent myself.

The results of where I find myself nowadays.

Working as an International Coaching Federation Qualified Coach in my own business – MIND OVER MOUNTAINS.

I can help you have a more balanced lifestyle .

Manage your personal life & relationships, business & career.

Deal with self-limiting beliefs & self doubt.

On your journey of self-discovery & growth


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Mairtin Og Mc Donagh

Accredited Life Coach with a Passion for Outdoor Adventure.
Helping busy People with their Work Life Balance

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