June 10, 2022


I’m ok. I’m fine. I’m grand. I’m sound. – Are common responses.
When you ask someone “How are You?”
Is it meant as a greeting or are you geniuenly interested and listening for the answer ? Or have you moved on with your thoughts and actions even before getting a response. I have experienced this scenario on both sides of the coin. I have been asked “How Are You ? when I was not in a good place, but I could sense the enquiry was not for my benefit but more a figure of speech or greeting. We all have experience of the person who rattles on about themselves all the time without ever considering the other person. It’s a sad state of affairs in Life when others could benefit from our concern,consideration and care and we blindly do not respond. Acknowledging a person and listening to them can help lift their spirits and condition. Show some compassion, empathy and humanity towards others. Look and Listen, don’t just throw it out there. Put emphasis on the “HOW” (are you).
Add the word “Actually” or “Really”
Geniuenly ask the question, we all have the power to check in with others and ask how they’re truly doing and take a few minutes to listen to what they have to say. Too many hide behind the masks of “fine” or “great” etc. Exposing someone else to the vulnerability that comes with a truthful answer is just as meaningful. “How are you, actually?”
And I challenge you to respond with anything but, “I’m fine”.
In a world where everone is striving to be the best, it’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives. Why the big rush? Where are you heading in such a hurry? It’s ok to reach out, slow down and ask for a bit of help. It’s also more than ok to actually listen, show some care and compassion and concern for our friends and community.
“How are You,really?”
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Mairtin Og Mc Donagh

Accredited Life Coach with a Passion for Outdoor Adventure.
Helping busy People with their Work Life Balance

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