August 3, 2021


CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS  –  NOT YOURSELF. according to Mark Manson Author-Thinker – Life Enthusiast.

Most of us feel stuck in certain situations and certain habits. Often emotionally embedded in unhealthy behaviours. You label yourself as this person or that person. “I was never a gym person” – “I was never good at expressing myself” “I have always been a smoker” I always had a problem with my weight” and so on.Don’t make a bad habit part of your identity, that is an excuse.Many people say to me “oh I would love to live my life like you, to enjoy it more, to  exercise, to get outdoors, to change my job, to lose weight, to clear my head to live my best life like you” Guess what? You can. Don’t get caught up in your identity.Your identity is this made up thing that you are emotionally attached to.

When my life was turned upside down 13 years ago I lost what I thought was my identity, the life I had lived up until then.Losing my livelihood my home my FRIENDS, my businesses.I also lost my self esteem and my confidence.I hated myself. I blamed myself and wanted to hide away from the world as I had known it.

Guess what – I realised three things….

1) no body gives a fuck.

2) no body gives a fuck.

3) My label (identity) was gone.

I had to re-invent myself.I had to remove the big deal about who the fuck I was and what the fuck I used to do.This is not easy because often we feel stuck in this place that we have been in for many years in some cases ,often accepting the bullshit that comes with putting up with it, because its what we do.You are not stuck in any place or any situation.If you chose to make changes, to be the person who takes better actions and who makes better healthier decisions.You can enrich your life by doing more of what you enjoy and what is good for you.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine” – John C Maxwell

When you start to do this the emotional benefit of the change coming from yourself is huge, you are taking control of your own life and decisions. For me I think you must figures out who you are? what drives you? what terrifies you? why do you do the things you do? how are you perceived by others? Focus on a few small things, choose carefully what you think is achievable and realistic.Concentrate on what you can do well and build on that. Don’t overdo it or try too hard, this can have a negative effect.Look at things a little differently than what you have been doing. Appreciate what you have, while working towards what you want.The reality is that changing your life starts with changing the way you see everything in your life.Nobody gives a shit, you are free to do whatever the hell you want and no one will care whether you succeed or not, except you.
Give it some wellie!!

Illustration thanks to @designunlimited #whoopsadaisy

Mairtin Og Mc Donagh

Accredited Life Coach with a Passion for Outdoor Adventure.
Helping busy People with their Work Life Balance

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