Máirtín Óg brings a wealth of life experience and professional qualifications to the table. An Entrepreneur, responsible for building two successful businesses in the past, employing a skilled workforce and managing teams. A casualty of the downturn in 2010, losing everything he had worked so hard to achieve. This difficult time in Máirtín’s life gave him a huge understanding and empathy of how frail our mental health can be. How we need to draw on inner strength and how with determination and the right mindset you can rebuild your life, with an emphasis on the quality of your life rather than the materialacquisitions.

This experience led to a passion for helping others and resulted in him studying and acquiring an accredited Life Coaching Qualification in 2019.

In 2020 Máirtín set up Mind Over Mountains, an initiative that combines coaching, mentoring and the great outdoors. Encouraging positive and productive team work through a healthy mind health body ethos to his clients.



A keen sportsman and outdoor enthusiast, Máirtín was a county footballer at the highest level only to suffer career ending injury. Again, strength and resilience in the face of adversity gave him a new direction.


America Coast to Coast – 3000 miles with Sean Kelly and a team from Ireland, his experience of team dynamics and emphasis on preparation and the important role it plays in achieving optimal performance is relevant in both life and business.


Summiting Everest Base Camp in 2018 – a life-long ambition fueled a new venture into hiking and mountain climbing. Máirtín has led a number of teams to the highest Peaks in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Developing programmes on mindset and focus.

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