January 4, 2024


A Glimpse into My Journey:




That Spans the Height of Success; The Depths of Loss; And The Expansive Landscape of Self-Discovery:

I was 8 years of age when my father was lowered into an early grave at the age of 37. I was the eldest of 4 & my mother was 7 months pregnant. The pillar of our family was gone too soon. I found myself navigating a sea of uncertainty. Beyond the shock & immense sorrow, something precious was broken. Over time grief was accompanied by a sense of something stolen. A wrong that had been visited upon our family. My father the big strong giant of a man would not play with me anymore & hold me in his big strong arms. He had let go!

THE BONES OF IT: This early challenge, while heartbreaking, became the test that forged my character & ignited a fire within me. Today, as a #BusinessAdvisor & #StrategicCoach, I reflect on that journey & the invaluable lessons I have learned. The loss of my father instilled a resilience in me that continues to define my approach to life & business. It taught me that challenges are inevitable, but our response to them determines our path. In the corridors of business & sporting arenas I once stood triumphant. The global financial crisis dumped me in very umfamiliar terrain, forcing me to reinvent & rebuld myself from the ground up. The setbacks & devestation weren’t just financial, they were huge lessons that shaped my approach to business & life.

Being thrust into a position of responsability at a young age cultivated empathy in me. It made me very aware of the human side of leadership & its impact on individuals. This awareness is the cornerstone of my coaching philosophy. Scaling some of the world’s highest peaks became a metaphor for overcoming adversity, teaching me that every ascent requires a blend of determination, preparation & an unwavering focus on the mission. Cycling challenges have taught me that pedaling through the unknown mirrors the resilience demanded in navigating the complexities of business & the challenges of life.

TAKE-AWAYS: In the modern world where profit & the bottom line often take centre stage, my journey reminds me of the bigger picture. While profit is crucial, the well-being of individuals is the real bedrock of sustainable success. The amalgamation of my experiences, personal loss, business triumphs, financial setbacks, mountain conquests & cycling challenges, creates a mosiac of lessons. I now share these lessons with individualds & organizations seeking not just success but a sense of purpose & resilience in the face of adversity.

In every coaching session & business advisory role, I share the echoes of my own journey, a journey shaped by loss, rebuilt by resilience & determination, & enriched by the beautiful awe inspiring views from the summits I have scaled.

Turning adversity into advantage, I discovered a real sense of purpose. My scars from the past have become the map that now guides me as I help others on their own journey.

Mairtin Og Mc Donagh

Accredited Life Coach with a Passion for Outdoor Adventure.
Helping busy People with their Work Life Balance

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